September 10, 2019

Whether you are training for a race or your athlete is heading into sports training, early season is a great time to schedule an evaluation to address any ongoing issues and stay ahead of the pitfalls that can occur during training.

During an evaluation I will take a de...

April 4, 2019

What are compression garments?

Compression garments are designed for many parts of the body. For this article, I will focus on the lower leg. 

Compression socks or sleeves are a specially designed garment that have a graduated compression, stronger at the ankle and decre...

January 22, 2019

Foam rolling is your friend.  When you exercise you are breaking down your muscles so they build back up stronger than before.  One of the side effects to this action is the development of scar tissue in the muscles and tendons.  Stretching can keep some of the compoun...

December 18, 2018

Want to see Adam, but don't know which appointment is right for you?

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September 10, 2019

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