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Which Appointment is Right for Me?

Wondering what type of appointment to book?


During an evaluation we'll look into what is hurting and what muscles are involved. You'll get a better understanding of what is going on with your feet and a plan going forward of how to recover and preventative steps to keep you feeling good.

Gait Analysis

During a gait analysis we'll look at the details of your feet and your walking or running mechanics. You'll receive a path for recovery plus drills to help you make positive adjustments in your mechanics to help prevent future discomforts and keep you active.

Custom Insoles or Orthotics

If you have been prescribed orthotics by your health care provider or you would like to discuss if custom insoles would be appropriate for you, booking a Custom Insoles/ Orthotics Fitting is the place to start. Custom insoles and orthotics can be made for any type of footwear.


Appointments are available at two convenient Los Altos locations and in your home or office by request.

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