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I am currently offering all of my services as outdoor in-home appointments along with video appointments and email recommendations. I can still help to keep you active and your feet happy and healthy.

In-home appointments available within 30 miles of Redwood City, Ca. Please contact me to discuss options if you are outside of the service area. 


During an evaluation we'll look into what is hurting and what muscles are involved. You'll get a better understanding of what is going on with your feet and a plan going forward of how to recover and preventative steps to keep you feeling good. 
50 minutes $150

Gait Analysis

During a gait analysis we'll look at the details of your feet and your walking or running mechanics. You'll receive a path for recovery plus drills to help you make positive adjustments in your mechanics to help prevent future discomforts and keep you active. 
50 minutes $150

Custom Insoles/Orthotics

Includes- Pedorthic foot evaluation, Biomechanical evaluation, Foot mapping, Including one pair of custom orthotics
50 minutes $405

Kinesio Taping

Evaluation of current concerns, Proper application of Kinesio Tape, Instruction for at home application
30 minutes $75


Must already have orthotics on file.
Discussion of changes since last orthotics were designed, Foot mapping, Includes one pair of custom orthotics
30 minutes $305

Follow Up Appointment

Evaluation of findings and changes, Modification of Treatment/Action Plan
When booking you can choose 25 min or 50 min depending on the time you need.

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Currently our VIP services are being offered at in-clinic prices to help reduce the group interaction 


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